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We probably would never make a non-English speaking player race. I know it seems attractive, but simply put, hearing alien for way too long drives you crazy. An early build of the game had Tython populated by a race other than Twi'leks, and after about the fourth quest, you want to put a fist through your monitor.

So any races we add in the future will need to plausibly be able to speak basic.
I would urge you to reconsider this. A lot of people don't actually care about the dialogue, and just want to play something interesting and unique. Certain mechanics will affect everyone, but a playable species that makes a portion of the population very happy, and doesn't interest the rest could still work. The only real question is just how many players would be interested in a species that can't speak basic, I can't answer that. I know some players hear about a near human species, and instantly stop caring. I know a lot of players that would have mad respect for this game for doing some less likely species.

I only ask that you consider that not everyone is going to have a strong negative reaction to this prospect.
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