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buy all the inventory upgrades you can with credits - you won't be able to expand your bank or your personal inventory unless you use a Cartel unlock once your sub ends. (if you have more cash than the cap you need to spend it on something anyway).

I suppose the biggest problem Ive seen is the cap on Commendations. Commendation gear costs more for non paying customers and the cap is low. My experience (with Drommond Kaas) a cap of 20 Commendations, and a piece of gear costs 15 (vs 12 for a subbed player). Armors/mods/hilts/barrels etc cost the same 7 and 2 comms, but you still have a 20 comm limit. Bit on the frustrating side.

It will also cost you more to do things - pull mods, travel, etc - so with a credit limit you might have to think about stuff.

Flash points, PvP warzones, Operations are limited; you gain less Reputation from Rep items and Experience from kills and quests than a paying Subscriber does.

I'd try it for a bit and see what you can tolerate - Preferred has access to some decent stuff (yay 4 quickbars) - you might find that its liveable.
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