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02.25.2013 , 02:04 PM | #1
Hi there everyone, I am really questioning the 2.0 talent tree for gunnery Commando i mean, unless we are supposed to have a new role in raids, which by the looks of our talent tree is a dps offtank?
COME ON BW, before 2.0 we already had to spend 7 talent points on mitigation talents, and now post 2.0 we have to spend 9!!! short math for you other ppl (25%) of our talent points go into mitigation talents and not actual dps, which is more than any other class/specc i know off (apart from tanks).

So please, can someone give me a valid explanation for this, and does that mean Gunnery is completely ****ed compared to Assault specc for dps in 2.0?
Not a single FOCK was given!!