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They do say imitation is the highest form of flattery.
Why thank you! And your color is actually slightly different than mine apparently, so I'm not so broken up now

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I guess this brings me back to the questions of:
Why would the Jedi spend so much time training for battle if it's the one thing he's trying to avoid since it will weaken and corrupt him? It's basically the opposite of playing to your strengths.
"a Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense, never attack" -Yoda

Ah, now this is rather easily explained. Why does any peace loving people arm themselves and train to fight? Because there is always an enemy who wishes to destroy them. Remember "The Jedi where the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic..." -Ben Kenobi. It may weaken them in the long run (if they actually have to fight), hence why they're such avid proponents of negotiation, but they'll still have to fight whenever the sith are around because they are the only ones who can stop the sith. The PT era Jedi get thousands of years of peace to train without the weariness of war. If they where at war for a thousand years, they'd be weaker.

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Also, it simply doesn't make sense that warrior-monks who are supposed to have greater mental focus and strength (to quote the great Obi-Wan again, "the Force can have a strong influence on the weak minded" , implying that Jedi should not be weak minded) will be worn down more easily by adversity and conflict.
You're using 'earth' reasoning again. We cannot feel the force and so it is difficult to understand the concept. However through reading the force-using character's thoughts and seeing the results of their actions, we know that war has a negative impact on the Light Side of the Force (the force as a whole really). Due to the hyper-sensitivity jedi have to the force. Imagine every time you killed, you could feel it. Every time a friend or enemy died you felt their life blink out of existence and you could feel the emotions of that soldier you are about to stab. The constant waves of fear, anger, grief ect... will wear you down. **Disclaimer- I'm trying to give you a sense of what the force feels like, but I certainly dont do it justice, its like everything I've said time ten.

Weak mindedness (and the mind tricks to which Kenobi was referring to in that quote) has nothing to do with this... that's more an issue of the person's species and base intelligence, you're either born susceptible or not, though you can train your mind to become stronger. I have yet to see an example of how someone with a strong mind get tired and someone uses a mink trick on him. In reference to my statement, a jedi shouldn't be weak minded yes, but that's what happens when they 'break' (fall to the darkside)

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It seems to just run contrary to human nature.
'Earth' reasoning here. You should let go of concepts like 'human nature' in topics regarding the force, as the force has its own nature that overrides the human one.

edit: just had a thought! Think of how many Jedi went to the Dark Side in OR and how many went Dark Side on PT, you'll find many more fallen Jedi in the war-torn periods.
I know if you look deep into your heart- which is currently all over that tree- you'll find a way to forgive me.

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