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02.25.2013 , 12:34 PM | #3
I made a spreadsheet model with the new talents and KeyboardNinja's new formulas. It really depends on the percentage of Kinetic/Energy attacks that are Force/Tech in any given fight. Looking at some of my old parses from NiM EC and HM TFB, it seems like 25% might be a safe average. There are obviously exceptions like TFB Kephess and Nightmare Stormcaller.

Defense is going to be a lot lower now since it's a lot less valuable due to the shield changes, and we don't get 6% from guard stance anymore (we get more armor instead).

So assuming everything on the PTS goes live and 25% Force/Tech, a near optimal distribution will be around 15/47/50 for augmented Underworld gear, or a 2:1 absorb rating to defense rating ratio.

I would post my excel model but I'd rather someone double check my math independently and we can compare notes if someone else comes up with a different answer.
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