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Does bolster work the same in the 55 bracket then? Also, since you are obviously going to have "bolster cutoffs", I don't see how a level 30 is going to be able to match a 54 in the current build on the PTS. I have examined the bolstering affect(not using the "bug") at level 55 when I was wearing legacy gear with level 35 purples, and it won't tread water to current 50's, let alone LVL 54. There really needs to be some transparency on this because I feel this is a tipping point for the PVP side. We need to get this right...

Can I also make another suggestion? On your level 55 PvP gear, the armor rating needs to match the new PvE gear armor ratings, especially if Bolster will affect anyone not wearing PVP gear. If I am mistaken on this, some insight would be helpful.

One last thing, thanks for chiming in... I think all the "regulars" here really needed some TLC whether it is actual game changes or just discussions from the Dev staff. We now are shedding our feelings of being alienated....
Ya, the bolster will work for level 55s as well, if they are under geared. Could you post the stats on what you are seeing on PTS for your guy wearing legacy gear (or send the information to, subject: ATTN Rob Hinkle, if you don't want to dirty up the thread). It certainly is the intention that your 55 wearing level 35 gear should get bolstered back up. To give everyone an idea (and BIG caveat here, this number is still in flux), but currently I would expect the new 55 bolster to be getting people into gear right around (statistically) non-augmented EWH.
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