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Quote: Originally Posted by ExarKunxx View Post
Use the orb, Jump into the Sarlaac Pit
This one actually makes some sense. Sarlaac Pit on Tatooine has quality of "dark mercy", from that one quest where you poison(and kill) people inside to prevent them from suffering for years. Screaming doesn't fit directly, as after your mercy they should be dead, not screaming, but they could do screaming before they die.
Pursuing Sarlaac unque ability to show twisted mercy, there is one pit in new ops, one could show mercy by not killing adds that are there, instead pushing them into pit so they can scream(but hey, at least they are alive).

Quote: Originally Posted by Tyge View Post
Looking through the PTS achievements section there seemed to be an extra one on the nightmare mode of Scum and Villainy.

"Surviving Dread master Styrak"
Advanced past dread master Styrak in the "scum and Villainy" operation on nightmare mode.
Looking at whole achievement section, that is right now full of typos and inactive requirements, it's more likely that this is generic "get past boss x without dying" text awaiting customization, rather than some kind of hint.