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thanks for the welcome back.

And yes he can react faster, but remember, as much as his body is better, he's still human.

He has to react first, and he still relies on his tech as much as Delta squad. I think it could be a close run thing, but in the end, i think MC falls to delta squad.

Simple numbers, tactics, training and kit that is just as good as MCs except for strength enhancing, would tell the tale in the end.

But hey we're free to express our opinions wolf, and I am respectfully disagreeing
I think MJOLNIR Armor is dramatically superior to Katarn battle armor, though. It has considerably more shielding and protective qualities, since it can stand up to fire from Covenant plasma weapons, which appear to be much more advanced than CIS blasters. Just looking at the effects on target, blasters leave carbon scoring, but plasma weapons will straight up incinerate the target.

Additionally, Chief has sufficient speed and agility to take Delta by surprise. Onboard a ship he can get the drop on them easily, since his armor's HUD has a built in motion tracker/radar. If he ambushes them, either with plasma grenades (they'll stick to the commando's armor and game over) or by rushing into melee combat, the fight would end quickly.

Chief would either kill one or two commandos and disengage to continue stalking them, or wipe out the whole team in one swoop. Remember, MC can flip over large vehicles (including tanks) with his armor's augments. Without his armor, he weighs roughly 400-500 lb. and inside it he weighs 2000 lb. His bone and muscle density has been augmented with grafts, etc. and his neural system reacts 55 times faster than a normal human's. This guy is a fiend in melee combat. I believe in an earlier thread like this there was an anecdote of him maiming or killing three ODST commandos during a training exercise. When he was twelve.

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Edit: but Wolf, wouldn't it be awesome to hand MC something like the DC-17? A battle rifle that can flip to a sniper rifle and then flip to being a grenade launcher. I think MC would never pick up another rifle ever again.
Honestly, I've always felt that the DC-17m was underpowered. It traded punch for versatility. It's a single shot grenade launcher, or a light carbine, or a marksman's rifle. Master Chief tends to favor using more specialized weapons to accomplish specific tasks. He frequently changes equipment during a mission to adapt to changing circumstances.

And there's also the fact that I believe blaster weapons are rather low-powered to begin with, at least compared to Covenant plasma weapons. Now, Tenloss Disruptor rifles are another story...
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