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I am fairly new to swtor and was just wondering which class people think is the most powerful on the game and which class do people think is the most fun to play with? I would be grateful of all opinions.
In my opinion, BioWare has done a good job keeping the various classes reasonably balanced. Yes, in specific aspects of the game there are classes that stand out, but they do not dominate the ENTIRE game. I Played EQ1 where the cleric was THE healer and the warrior was THE tank. There is no class in SWTOR that is THE anything.

I also think that play style has a bigger impact than other games. For example, if the sniper agent was in fact the most powerful class in this game, but you REALLY wanted to play a force user with a lightsaber, you would probably be disappointed with the agent no matter how powerful it was.

Lastly, this is not your typical MMO. The stories are one of the most important aspects of playing each class. And if you dislike the class story you will probably dislike the class. Yes, most other MMOs have some sort of lore and story, but this is the first time in any MMO I have ever played over 13 years where I have actually thought about my characters' personalities and their interactions in the universe. I was always of the opinion that MMOs were "lesser" RPGs - that if you wanted to role-play, get a group of friends and play a tabletop RPG. SWTOR changed my mind.