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02.25.2013 , 08:34 AM | #4
Personal opinion time:

I prefer Smugglers or Agents. They have heal over time abilities, can heal while running around pretty effectively, it also makes it hard to interrupt them, and they can vanish in the middle of a fight.

Other healers require a lot of cast time to get their heals off which can make it tricky. They also lack the same amount of "oh crap" buttons to save themselves and therefore become a bit more reliant on teammates.

Personally I prefer the consular/inquisitor style of healing for PvE. It's a bit more of the traditional healer experience with bubbles and big heals and fast heals. I also enjoy it slightly from a role playing POV (not that I role play, but getting immersed in the star wars experience it makes more sense to be using the force to heal people that it does to have a smuggler or commando healing you).

If you're generally going to be solo'ing content more, a commando would be a good choice because they are pretty strong at PvE even when healer specc'd. Consular and Smugglers are also strong in PvE as healers but you'll take a longer time to kill anything.