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I have no evidence, just what they said. The argument was about people that are all tricked out at 50. The dev actually posted in this thread that everyone will be boosted to 55. So people that are geared at 50 aren't really going to have an advantage gear wise because everyone will be at 55 blue. Of course, they will have more abilities though.
I guess you could run into a few people that stop at 54 and have fully maxed out 54 gear. Maybe they will put a stop to that somehow.

My guess though is that they have put some thought into this and their plan is better than what we have currently. For example, a level 10 getting smashed by a geared 49.
The only real issue I see is that there won't be enough players in each bracket.
So what you are saying is that you have faith in the bolster system BW is going to implement. You believe the bolster system won't have any trouble bolstering any and all gear combinations people might roll with... A level 49 guy fully twinked will be bolstered up as much as a lvl 50 Min/max WH/EWH (same armour ratings as the lvl 55 pvp gear)
A lvl 30 guy fully twinked would be bolstered to the same level as the lvl 50 guy with end-game PvE stuff...

I am sorry, but I don't have your faith in the developer's choices.. Bolster has been broken on the test server since it got opened with patch 2.0 If they haven't fixed that yet, what is the point of having the test center?

I don't believe they will be able to make a bolster system work in the 30-54 bracket, I just don't see how they can extrapolate the stats fairly/correctly from such a hugely diverse level range and equipment range.

Having a 10-29 bracket will make that bracket starve out and will be dominated by the classes that mature early

the 30-54 bracket will be HELL for the classes that mature late (yeah some classes need a full 31 point build to be viable in pvp)

There's no reason whatsoever as to why the devs have chosen level 30 as the breaking point... It's completely random and arbitrary. I would like to see a dev reply with a logical reason for WHY they chose 30 and not a higher level..

makes alot more sense to me (IF you want to change the 10-49 bracket)

A level 30 guy has half the amount of talent points you have @ lvl 50 (21 vs 41)
How is that balanced? (yeah a lvl 10 guy is worse off vs a 49 guy but why repeat the mistakes done earlier?)
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