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My theory is that since the Dark Jedi (Ajunta Pall, Karness Muur Xoxxan etc) spoke basic and were revered as gods by the Sith, it became something of a holy language for the Sith. If you speak the language of the gods you know you're in a good place. And of course we see Naga Sadow speak to Gav Daragon in the comics, so he must know Basic very well, if it's not his native language.

That's how I see it.

And we know that there were some (Tionese I believe) Humans that encountered the Sith civilisation before Naga Sadow attacked, so there we have the Humans. Interbreeding between them and the Sith would no doubt diminish Sith purity in the end, and we know that some Sith of this Empire (Harkun for example) have Sith blood in their immidiate family yet look completely Human.
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