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Dunno where you've been for the past year but the whole "choices that matter" slogan became a poor excuse when the game's restrictions and linear paths pushed unwitting players into a dead end. Try constructive posts before delivering unneeded sarcasm.

As stated in the Sith Warrior forums, Jaesa-Light is the only female companion who isn't romanceable. Attractive female companions in a Bioware game are NEVER celibrate. This was either an oversight, or the writer lined up a cruel joke.
FemHawke had Sebastian in DA2 and Male Sith Warrior have LS-Jaesa in SWTOR. Welcome to the club, we can have a pity party perhaps.
Female Mandalorians who romanced Torian are missing his Resol'nare and Mando'a lessons conversations since 4.0 launched. Please fix this!