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Or at least, it did until they started killing each other in their sleep...
That's the problem with relying on your Sith successors to be selflessly devoted to creating apprentices stronger than themselves....
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On a happier note, Vent, I think (and correct me if I'm wrong Aurbere) that Aurbere is attempting to convey a 'Star Wars' truth using 'Earth' reasoning and the two are not always compatible. This is one such instance. In our common reasoning on earth, we know experience hones a soldier's reflexes and instincts. But by 'Star Wars' reasoning, when a Jedi gets 'experience' in war, it weakens him and wears on him due to his force connection (something we cannot experience). A non-force user lacks this weariness and is thus unaffected by 'experience'. A Darkside user even feeds on this 'experience' to drive himself forward, and it corrupts him even more.

Try and think of it as all Jedi being more susceptible to PTSD than non force users. They are much more likely to break or falter (fall to the darkside) and keeping themselves together takes a toll on them an their abilities.

On the other hand, a PT Jedi at peace has trained AND learned to control himself. He practices long and often and has none of the emotional baggage and dulled power of a worn, battle hardened warrior.
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