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Look, right now we're looking at this as being our justification for coming to a ranked warzones. This is what will justify our spot. And at a 90 second cooldown there is a definite argument to be made that the utility will not be available often enough. It would have to consistently be a move which, when properly used, generates a turning point in the game. Setting up a guaranteed focus every 90 seconds? Useful certainly but useful enough to not take us over another Vanguard, a Gunslinger, another Stealth DPS?

The whole meta is going to be changing. Some changes will be big (bai bai bubble stuns), some not so much (I expect a lot of smashers still). Where net fits into the meta is a big question. My initial thought is that the cooldown is too long. Maybe reality won't bear that out. I hope it doesn't. Personally I feel it should be up at least as often as Guarded by the Force, but even a 60s cooldown would be a huge improvement.
Fair point I suppose.

If it's cleansable I do agree that cooldown needs to be shorter.
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