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I'm happy I sparked the idea of Aurra Sing into many people's minds.
But yeah there is the problem of hair and antenna, which I guess could be cut and what not, but I think it would lead to a whole flashback scene to Aurra Sing about her life, like we got with Ventress in the Nightsisters Arc. And then they will end her character by putting her in jail, or (retcon) kill her.
I sort of have a feeling that the writers want to make it easy for themselves and just put a flashback scene for Bariss, and end a character that they created, I'm also surprised at the lack of Luminara Undili we are getting, she is Bariss' master right? Then again it could be anyone, or a new character, or some terrorist organization, or whoever the main female role of 1313 (if there is one.) ANYONE COULD BE IT.
But if it is Aurra I'm just gonna be like "CALLED IT CALLED IT CALLED IT." the entire episode shouting at my T.V.
Hope we get some more theories here, since it's basically just Aurra/Bariss/Ventress's Lightsaber Owner Lady/Random Character.

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I watched the fight between Asoka and the mystery jedi several times and the mystery jedi is not Aurra Sing. Aurra Sing has very long fingers (twice as long as a normal human) and when the mystery jedi uses the force to make noise to distract Asoka you can see that he/she has normal length fingers, not the long ones of Sing.
I have to agree with Imhotep. Sing's body/fingers/head does not match that of the mysterious Jedi. I don't think that you are going to get your victory lap Djsting.
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