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There is no spilling out of anything since the wound gets sealed(cauterization), and he didn't really fall he caught a vent and saved himself before reaching the bottom....when I didn't really see any vents at all but eh guess the book explains that. Plus its not like people haven't survived without their bottom half(its rare but there is 1 man I have looked up), and yet die from a bullet to the chest or w/e.

I know it's a little off topic, but I can't resist...

Cauterization refers to the sealing of the arteries when a lightsaber cuts into the body. Note that it is not instantaneous (we see some blood on Qui-Gon's robes, which makes sense because arteries are under pressure and even if sealed almost immediately by the lightsaber, there would still be some leakage). Also, we see in Empire Strikes Back that a tauntaun can be eviscerated by a lightsaber... it's internal organs begin to spill out after Han cuts it.

This is because the edges of the wound are cauterized, the physical organ of the skin remains sealed where it was cut, but there is still the massive hole in Darth Maul's body, through which all of his intestines, pancreas, liver, kidneys, etc. will drop right out.

I know it's a PG film, but evisceration is quite a messy business. Also consider Maul spinning and falling, which would likely propel anything still inside his ribs outward, possibly rupturing his lungs, etc.

Now, maybe Maul pulled a Sion or something like that... but there's still the matter that Qui-Gon dies moments after the duel ends (which means that his injury was not immediately fatal). Now, if the wound didn't kill him immediately, and he wasn't bleeding from it... why couldn't he hold via the Force and have Obi-Wan call a medic?

My outrage at Maul being alive stems primarily from the direct contrast between him and Qui-Gon Jinn.

Back on topic, my only concern with Obsidian is that their QA department appears to not exist. Sadly, every game they've released in the past ten years has had numerous bugs and glitches. However, so do the Elder Scrolls games, and they're hugely successful. So it's just a matter of Obsidian learning to provide good post-release customer support via patches and fixes.

This is something that they would have to collaborate with Lucasfilm on, but given the new (very stable) management that they're under, this likely will not be a problem. So I'm pretty excited if this project gets off the ground, since any RPG from the old Black Isle Studios team is one that I will play.
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