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It also doesn't have 3 new operations 6 new flashpoints 2 new warzones a new race and a new class. I don't know how any one can say this cruddy little swtor expac is in any way shape or form up to the standards of a real MMO expac.
Which is stuff we get constantly in patches. WoW currently has eight battlegrounds and it has been around for almost a decade. SWTOR has five warzones and it has been around for a year and a half. WoW just gives the players a bunch of content at once and make them pay for it. If I have to pay ten bucks to get more in the long run (because we get all the rest for FREE) then, yeah, I'm happier here. So, all in all, with all the content coming our way in the future and this expansion pack, I'd say SWTOR delivers 1/2 of what WoW does with this expansion and future updates (half the leveling content and no new classes, we are getting a new race though).
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