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Well, I haven't played the cut content, but as we see through out the Clone Wars, factories are well defended and well stocked with droids. So I would assume that the factory is well guarded by droids 'hot off the press'

But how effective are these droids, really?
Indeed. HK droids are not war droids, or battle droids even. They are cunning assassins, usually relying on surprise and ambush to eliminate their prey. It would probably be an even match, except that the Sith have lightsabers and force powers, and the HK droids will probably make heavy use of flamethrowers, grenades, etc.

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If a battle does come to the HK factory, Traya has to win. If she fails, she has done no damage to G0-T0 and shot herself in the foot. So how much of Traya's army (small as it is) will need to be sent to destroy the factory? Quite a big portion, but if the factory is destroyed, she will have a much better chance of winning, or at the very least survive longer.
This is not the type of battle which can be committed to halfway, and both sides will know this. The victor would secure a significant advantage, unless their own forces were so devastated in the attempt as to be rendered combat ineffective.

Consider their outside assets as well. What reinforcements can be committed to the fight if necessary?

Can a feint be executed? Are there secondary targets that may be engaged during the fight, either to draw off enemy reinforcements or to ensure damage to the enemy's infrastructure?
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