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02.24.2013 , 07:50 PM | #1
In the beginning, Cybertech seemed the best choice for my Level 50 Bounty Hunter Merc. Now I've realised I hardly use my grenades and until I run some endgame content, I won't have any mods past level 22 to craft and sell. So, except for my Assassin Droid schematics, I have little need to use my Cybertech skill.

I'm seriously considering changing to Biochemistry and picking up Bioanalysis and Diplomacy along the way.
Additionally, BH Companions also have crit and/or efficiency bonuses to all three skills!

What I'm NOT certain of are what reusable Chems/Medpacks are available at the highest level.

With 2.0 coming, I'd really appreciate some advice if changing to Biochem is a good idea!

EDIT: Changed the sentence in italics - Any advice on what endgame Biochem items are available is also much appreciated!