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02.24.2013 , 06:49 PM | #20
Anyone know a good rotation and build? When I parsed on live and on PTS I noticed a +500 dps (1557 to 2083) right off the bat in pure Arkanian gear with no optimization minus the removal of the accuracy enhancement. I ran with a sorc on my tank who says he is pulling 2.3k and I've seen parses o 2.3k.

Currently I am running 5/36/5, my stats are:
~2400 end (28k hp)
~2650 wp
crit 25% (333ish rating)
surge 68% (can't remember rating, will edit in)
alacrity 7.8% (450ish rating)
power: ~1000 (1.3k bonus damage)

Based on the stat difference between live and PTS, the lose of 10% crit and 7% surge shouldn't account for 300 dps. So I'm thinking its my rotation which is the same in live and PTS.