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I think we can agree that each participant in the Kaggath will take the offensive. Their assassins will search for each other, and they will both go into hiding in one way or another.

G0-T0 will activate the MSG, destroying Malachor V. However, Traya will have fled to a more secure location.

Traya's assassins will eventually infiltrate and destroy the HK Factory on Telos, since the more security there is, the easier it will be to find, but that security can at best only delay the inevitable.

Unless a pitched battle takes place at the HK Factory, and both sides commit more forces...

This is one point at which a strategic decision needs to be made. How much will each side be willing to commit to this fight? We could see all of their forces come together in a bid to wipe out the other's power base in one fell swoop.
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