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they do have a system that tries to place premades together first... have you ever been in que with 3+ people and noticed how much longer it takes? ill bet you havnt,
also, you can complain that premades ruin "your" fun all you want but the funny thing is how you seem to act like what you want is what "the average player" wants. im sorry but i did not see a poll with "the average player" completely agreeing to your ideas at all. why is that? because you throw words in other peoples mouths and pretend what you want is golden. that is why bio/ea dont care and will never listen to you.
In all honesty i pug every match i play. I never run in premades and i still finish every single weekly in 1 day.
I also had a full set of BM in 2 weeks when it was on the roulette system. I only have 1 of my toons in full WH but have no problems with the other 2 getting their weeklys done.
the fact of the matter is that you are bad and need a premade to carry you clearly. you act like its because the other team is premade but when you have a thread with hundreds of people saying your wrong its time to move on and either
1. quit pvp - we would all hope for this from you
2. quit swtor- this or 1 would suffice
3. deal with it
4. get good
Great post. In fact, #1 and #2, but mostly #2, are what most people did. I love how the suggestions people as ignorant as you ruins the game for the rest of the playerbase. I would suggest you take one of your own options and quit. For every 1 person like you that quits, the game retains 50 people.
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