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Quote: Originally Posted by Jedibediah View Post
Mackeyla, How i so missed your trolling of our forums..
I troll our forums? That's news to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jedibediah View Post
You're so quick to point out flaws in every single post you decide to read..
I'd say that I'm sorry you feel that way but I actually don't care how you feel. I don't recall myself trolling and over-correcting people. I'll look through my prior posts....nope...I don't do that on a regular basis. The last post I "corrected" something was asking about a person's signature, and that had more to do with him making a possible typo than anything. Furthermore, if I post what I see to be a "correction" to a "guide" post it's so that it can be fixed, not to antagnoize the poster. Besides that, if you feel that my opinion holds no weight why get your panties in a twist? Seems pretty silly to me. Thin skinned much? Don't post on forums. Having a bad day? Coke and a smile?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jedibediah View Post
And btw those weapons start having expertise at level 24
Really? I don't see expertise on any of the level 24 weapons. I see them on weapons starting at level 34. Maybe recheck your data?

I appreciate you taking the time to write a "guide" for people to read...and I did read eyes must have glazed over during the part where you mentioned weapons specifically so I will apologise for that. (Maybe if you structured your post more like a guide than a general post with lengthy paragraphs? But then again, that's my opinion and it doesn't matter to you.)

If you've got issues with me feel free to send me a tell in game. I'm sure it'll be an interesting and lively discussion

Have a great day!
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