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I watched the fight between Asoka and the mystery jedi several times and the mystery jedi is not Aurra Sing. Aurra Sing has very long fingers (twice as long as a normal human) and when the mystery jedi uses the force to make noise to distract Asoka you can see that he/she has normal length fingers, not the long ones of Sing. I'm leaning towards Barris as the culprit and think she even might be the apprentice of Palpatine himself....either him or Dooku.

Another thing that comes to mind is, if it is Barras, then this becomes a foreshadowing of the events in Episode 3 where 2 good friends become enemies due to one of them turning to the dark side of the force.

This is just a thought and I could be totally off base. No matter how it turns out, the finale of this season is going to be a good one....too bad I can see it till Sunday night as I'm out of town next weekend for a Warhammer 40k tourney.
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