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I have thought about this particular scenario a few times.

I think, in an all out battle, General Rieekan would eventually win. It depends on how he positions his forces. The MPTLs and AT-TEs will be useful in taking out some of the heavy walkers, and the specforce troops will be able to take on the Snowtroopers for a time, but I feel that Rieekan will be pushed back into Echo Base eventually.

But this is actually a good thing since there will be no retreat (if there is no option). General Rieekan can position his troops and set up traps for the Snowtroopers (who will be cut off from the AT-ATs). So once the supporting Snowtroopers are down, the SpecForce soldiers and whatever reserve armor Rieekan has can be moved (from what was the shuttle landing zone of Echo Base) to flank the remaining forces in Blizzard Force.

All in all, I think that Rieekan's position in Echo Base (and the fact that he doesn't have to worry about retreating to save the Rebellion) will win him the battle. The Heavy Armor helps too.
You seem to be forgetting the existence of Veers' 9 AT-ATs - the most formidable assault unit that the Empire possessed - these guys are going to cut through Rieekan's forces pretty quickly - especially given their long range capabilities, meaning they can attack before Vieekan fires a shot. I mean, what assault units does Vieekan have to oppose him?

AT-APs - practical bantha fodder, they may have powerful firing capabilities but nothing strong enough to do any real damage on the walkers before the AT-ATs blow them to pieces in a couple of shots.

HAVws - these actually might be a threat, but the AT-ATs have the advantage of height and can deal out damage from above, taking out the turret emplacements on the top which height would have previously protected them from. And Veers has some of his own.

T4-B Heavy Tanks - these things have powerful shields, but could not withstand sustained laser fire from an AT-AT for more than 15 seconds. Their missile launchers might do some damage but they'll be getting blown up left, right and center.

AT-TE - those mass driver cannons will definitely do some serious damage to the AT-ATs but then again, how high could those cannons reach? I also don't believe these things were shielded so a few well aimed, aerial strikes at the cockpit and gunners would quickly decommission this tanks.

AT-XTs - ha! I laughed when I saw these guys. I thought for a moment they might have the advantage of speed but they only move 15 km faster than a AT-TE, not fast enough.

Really the major threat is the snowspeeders. But how many did they manage to take down in the Battle of Hoth, 5? And I believe Rogue Squadron took down three of those and they are absent from this battle. What's more the AT-ATs downed many snowspeeders themselves. I reckon Veers could take out five in this battle, perhaps one or two more - but not before Veers has torn through his tanks and lain waste to his walkers. And in only takes 1 AT-AT to destroy a shield generator.

And concerning Rieekan hunkering down in his base, that won't be so effective when the shield generators are down and the remaining AT-ATs are blowing it sky high.

Its fun being able to do some proper debating. Come on! Fight me!