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Edit: Also, we haven't taken Traya's fleet and the gravity well generators into account. She could just go to Nar Shaddaa and trap G0-T0 there while her fighters search for his ship.

That's like finding a needle in a hay-stack.

And G0-T0 could do several other things as well.

1.) Land his ship.... but keep it stealthed
G0-T0 could dock his yacht, but keep the stealth generator running. He doesn't even need to keep it stealthed, just land it secretly. Its presence would go undetected, seeing as this would be an Exchange dock, and Traya would search and search the sky while the Visionary is actually on the ground.

2.) Disappear to an Exchange Base
Similar to the last, G0-T0 could simply disappear into Nar Shaddaa's underworld. Keep his ship in orbit, but use an escape pod or something to transfer himself to the surface, avoiding Traya's fighters and gravity well. This could be done with option 3.

3.) Flood the Streets.... with G0-T0s (My Favorite!)
G0-T0 has many Sentry Droid Mark 1's in his powerbase, and can obviously make and/or buy more, considering he has the schematics.... they're just like him. Less advanced, but exactly identical to G0-T0 in appearance. So G0-T0 sends his decoys into the streets of Nar Shaddaa. Any one of them could be G0-T0. Would Traya fall for this ploy? Maybe not. But then, maybe G0-T0 is one of them. Having hundreds of G0-T0 droids floating around Nar Shaddaa would leave Traya with limited choices. Hunt them all down or ignore them. All the while, the real G0-T0 could be hiding on his yacht or an Exchange base. Or roaming the streets, safe if Traya doesn't bother with them.
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