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This argument however hinges on Traya being able to effectively counter everything in G0-T0s powerbase. But can she? Can she take whatever G0-T0 dishes out? I feel this is what needs to be discuss, how effective will G0-T0's myriad of assassins be against Traya.

I see a couple different things G0-T0 could do here:

1.) HK-50s
Obviously the hardest-hitting units in G0-T0's powerbase. We've already gone over how Traya will not be able to see this attack coming, nor will she be able to sense them through the Force or sight. The only warning she will have is a few seconds before she is shot by probably dozens of blaster bolts. Beni brought up a good point, which is that Malachor's Core is a giant hole; the HKs could drop down directly into it. Traya will most likely be alone in the chamber, making it HKs vs. Traya. With the element of surprise and Traya's lack of senses, the HKs could (theoretically) defeat her.

2.) Other Droids
Again, Traya will not be able to see this attack coming, seeing as they are droids. These droids, including fake G0-T0s and Remote-clones, could land on Malachor and attempt to activate the Mass Shadow Generator. They're small and also deadly, while not being affected by Malachor's darkness. A lot like the remote. The G0-T0 clones could stealth as well, avoiding any defenses or Storm Beasts. Being the brilliant droid computer that he is, G0-T0 could probably equip one of his droids with a hacker/slicer. G0-T0 obviously knew of the MSG, so this would be a key plan of attack.

Number 1 and 2 would probably be done at the same time.

3.) Gand
Firstly, the Findsmen, who G0-T0 used, were all force-sensitive and their breath-masks would protect them from gases, so they can be on Malachor. They are also plenty capable of using Stealth tech (that G0-T0 obviously has). They've also been known to be experts at technology, with several becoming weapons specialists and engineers. Obviously they won't be going for Traya, but the MSG. The MSG was pretty much unguarded, and even if it is the Gand will have stealth to hide them. Which would also allow them to get past the storm beasts. The only downside is that Traya will (apparently) be able to sense the future and that they are coming.
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