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I'm kinda on the fence for this one. It's not like other matches where the victor was clear (in my eyes). This match can truly swing either way, imo.

Personally, I think Traya's victory hinges on locating the HK factory. If she can destroy it, she makes herself unbeatable. Unless G0-T0 can procure droids as effective as the HKs. If not, then he has to send in inferior droids, as most organics would die or be corrupted.

Of course, G0-T0 could just activate the Mass Shadow Generator, but doesn't that require Remote?

Edit: Also, we haven't taken Traya's fleet and the gravity well generators into account. She could just go to Nar Shaddaa and trap G0-T0 there while her fighters search for his ship.
We also haven't taken in account the illegal mods G0-T0 is going to equip his ships with. I think it would be smart to assess a space battle, since neither combatants really* have a land army.

*We could argue that they do, but they don't have true "infantry".

I also admit defeat in my earlier attack on Traya assassins. But it should be noted they are at a disadvantage against G0-T0's droid assassins.
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