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P.S. Aurbere, don't feel the need to play neutrality - you can choose a side if you want to! I'm happy to carry that burden alone.
I'm kinda on the fence for this one. It's not like other matches where the victor was clear (in my eyes). This match can truly swing either way, imo.

Personally, I think Traya's victory hinges on locating the HK factory. If she can destroy it, she makes herself unbeatable. Unless G0-T0 can procure droids as effective as the HKs. If not, then he has to send in inferior droids, as most organics would die or be corrupted.

Of course, G0-T0 could just activate the Mass Shadow Generator, but doesn't that require Remote?

Edit: Also, we haven't taken Traya's fleet and the gravity well generators into account. She could just go to Nar Shaddaa and trap G0-T0 there while her fighters search for his ship.
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