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I don't really understand this, because Traya and her troops can obviously come and go at will.... right? If not, it also provides a hazard for her forces as well, effectively trapping them on Malachor. However, I don't think it'll be too much of an issue. The Ebon Hawk survived it, I think other ships would be able to as well. It just won't be a smooth landing.

(P.S. Atton is known for his crash-landings, so.... maybe with a droid pilot at the helm they won't even crash.)
Didn't the Ebon Hawk only survive because Kreia wanted the Exile to come? Though I think its more cause Traya and her troops are Force Sensitive, thus they can sort of negate themselves from crash landing. Or maybe the guys on Malachor really are stuck there lol and only got there, cause Traya allowed such.


Just a thought.
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