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Wait a second, doesn't Malachor make ships crash and everything? So how is G0-T0's droids or men gonna even survive landing on the planet without getting killed from the crash? I mean this isn't to say that they couldn't survive crashing into the planet, its just...they might lose a few droids/men.
I don't really understand this, because Traya and her troops can obviously come and go at will.... right? If not, it also provides a hazard for her forces as well, effectively trapping them on Malachor. However, I don't think it'll be too much of an issue. The Ebon Hawk survived it, I think other ships would be able to as well. It just won't be a smooth landing.

(P.S. Atton is known for his crash-landings, so.... maybe with a droid pilot at the helm they won't even crash.)
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