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I know that Lucas said that Sidious is the most powerful sith lord ever bla bla bla...


You have to realize that the Star Wars universe is constantly expanding - some stuff will get retconned to lesser or greater extent. It is inevitable.

Just read Revan novel and play JK storyline and ask yourself who is superior - Vitiate or Sidious.

Here is some nice quote from codex entry related to the Emperor:


After you find out more about the Emperor you realize what kind of creature of pure evil he is. The way he speaks, everything about him is just terrifying and causes chills to go down your spine. I mean, he killed a sith lord when he was like what, twelve years old? When he was an infant, his eyes were filled with terrible blackness and void (Wth?! How sick and creepy is that?).

He is unlike any being that was ever born, when Lord Scourge who was a Sith Lord took a not even second long glimpse at the Emperor, he cried out like a child.

Some of his abilities on top of my head:
- Being able to perform most complex sith rituals ever attempted (consuming life of the entire planet - billions of live beings destroyed in matters of seconds).
- Being immortal? "His life spans millenia". Also from what I understand, it is almost impossible to completely kill the Emperor. His essence will always live on, attempting to find another host it can possess. For sure the Emperor got some weakness that can be exploited in order to defeat him, as everyone, but noone knows what it is yet.
- Being able to mind control pretty much anyone (though it is possible to resist the Emperor, Revan being the proof of that.

I am pretty sure that it is BioWare's intention to make us feel that Vitiate is in fact the most powerful, evil and dangerous sith/living being to ever exist (including the movies and all post EP6 expanded universe).
I believe Sidious to be among the top powerful sith lords ever but I don't believe he is the most powerful. I agree with what a terrifying devil this Vitiate was. I really don't think Sidious would stand a chance. When I say Sidious I am reffering to non EA Sidious. It is clear EA Sidious becomes something more and is far more more powerful then he was in ROTS and prior. EA Sith would not need a deathstar to destroy planets, he would not have to kill his master in his sleep, and he would certainly be able to to stop Vader from throwing him into the reactor on the second death star. Sidious used his most powerful lightning and still couldn't save himself from Vader's wrath. EA Sidious could turn 100 storm legion to ash with his force lightning. EA Sidious and Vitiate are darkside force Gods who are probably pretty close in power. Who is more powerful is really hard to speculate because they never actually dueled.


Windu never actually bested Sidious and Sidious never actually bested Yoda. Mace only disarmed Sidious and Sidious nearly fell to the floor along with Yoda following the lightning blast. Sidious without his saber was far from unarmed. It makes sense he was trying to look weak in front of Anakin. His plan all along was to aquire Anakin as his new apprentice. It seems likely Mace would have been toasted by sidious force lightning if anakin decided to wait in the council chambers. It seems likely Yoda and Sidious would continue their duel had they both fallen. That would have been cool to because they would have been both injured and disarmed with only force powers to utillize.

Shame on George Lucas for cheating everyone out of an epic force battle. Anyway when Yoda fell his only real option was to retreat. With that said I dont know why most seem to thing Sidious won. They dueled as equals fought with force lightning and Yoda fell while Sidious barely managed to hang on. If i was fighting someone on a bridge and we exchanged blows for a minute or two then i leap on to my opponent and he/she falls over the ledge and into the water below then makes it to land and and walks away I would hardly consider that a victory.