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02.24.2013 , 12:58 PM | #44
OK we have a strong scenario for G0-T0's victory, but here is a way in which Traya could win:

Fortify herself on Malachor V. G0-T0 will send his droids and Traya will destroy them, eventually she we learn the location of the HK factory on Telos and send Sith to destroy it. This will force G0-T0 to send less capable biological assassins to kill Traya, whom she will ensure all fail and die. When G0-T0 finally runs out of options he'll have no choice but to come to Malachor V himself, when he does Traya will be in a position to destroy him.

This argument however hinges on Traya being able to effectively counter everything in G0-T0s powerbase. But can she? Can she take whatever G0-T0 dishes out? I feel this is what needs to be discuss, how effective will G0-T0's myriad of assassins be against Traya.

P.S. Aurbere, don't feel the need to play neutrality - you can choose a side if you want to! I'm happy to carry that burden alone.