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02.24.2013 , 11:24 AM | #2
Give you a dollar, take back .99

Same thing happened to me, only three items. What;s worse is, one of the items vanished after I unpacked and tried to use it! I got an Ubrikki Crimson Claw Speeder as one of the THREE items. I had the basic speeder already in my inventory and was pretty happy to have pulled this (even though I only got 3 items). I removed the 'starter' speeder from my quick bar and replaced it with the Ubrikki. When I tried to equip it, it went grey. I left clicked again and BAM! it vanished. Then I realized that my basic speeder was gone from my inventory too!

Now, I payed to be a subscriber, payed to add cartel coins and, not only did I not get what the Cartel Pack specified in number of items, but I'm minus two items now?! I'm trying to remain calm about this and have placed a ticket into customer service. Hopefully this doesn't happen to more people but, it's making me a little 'wallet shy' about purchasing any more Cartel Coins.