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that's on live.
A bad Assassin/Shadow is going to be a *terrible* healing experience. A good Shad/Sin tank is going to be a healer's dream. Since a majority of people that play have no idea what they're doing, the average experience with a Shad/Sin tank tends to be the terrible. It's for a similar reason that VG tanks tend to have a very good reputation even though they're, mechanically, the weakest tanks: they're almost impossible to screw up and, as such, healers tend to think they're actually the best tank class.

From what I've seen of the changes, it looks like they're really trying to homogenize the tanks (which I find kind of strange since they were already *beautifully* balanced before while still maintaining discrete personality and functionality): they're bolstering VG CDs substantially and complicating their rotation a bit while adding some active mitigation, reducing Guardian CDs and bolstering their static mitigation and threat while simplifying their rotation, and normalizing Shadow incoming damage (Kinetic Bulwark to make up for KW dropping).
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