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02.24.2013 , 01:31 AM | #1
Hi, I'm Eutus and I need some folks to play with. I've played mmos for waaaay to long and have run the gambit from casual crafter to raid leader and everything in between. But I'm a busy guy and really dont have to much time to game these days. However my pc focus at the moment is on my Star Wars guys, because frankly I like the way they are doing the xpac and want to be ready for it on day one. Alas Star Wars is vast and sometimes kinda lonely so I'm looking for some friends who are in need of a drifting sage to cover for a missing raider every so often and run some group content when I can. So here I am, get ahold of me you can send me some mail in game at Eutus Republic side. Or you can get ahold of me on raptr by messaging Aksilvers. Lastly you can post here .... but I won't be back to check this for a few days.