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02.23.2013 , 10:15 PM | #19
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Still see no point because either way you're gona be within 30 meters to cast Affliction to get your insta crit on Thundering Blast. And as far as Lightning Barrier, an extra 10% of a low amount isn't that great I think. Better to go with an extra flat out 3% force crit increase as far as DPS goes I think, especially with the crit/surge nerf.
I will not be speccing full Lightning with 2.0...or ever again, unless they correct the issues the are creating and have created. If they do not, I will not play my Sorcerer in PvP again. I'll just play my Jugg tank and nothing else in PvP.

I will continue to spec the way I am and keep Lightning Spire and Barrier even if they nerf it, because without it, the survivability drops more.