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02.23.2013 , 06:52 PM | #10

I be of the Kerenska Legacy on this server, and my best/fave is my JK Guardian 50: Imladris, and am in Tion gear, and finished the JK storyline, and have other toons on both sides, for fun purposes currently.

I'm looking for a larger guild, my previous guild a bit too small for my current tastes, and am looking for something bigger along guild lines. To be certain, I've tanked in WoW WotLK (and Cata before 'that' expansion drove me off in disgust. Anywho...) and have already done a few Flashpoints, but so far, have concentrated on soloing PvE content, for the majority part. I'd like to change this. I'm also a cautious player, until I am used to new content, so bear with me there.

Along with WoW, I've played STO, Guild Wars 1 (as a Paragon primarily,) and EVE.

Currently I also have a broken microphone, but can listen in on voice chat, and will attempt to fix this conundrum, once this blasted Montana weather gives a proper chance, along with my coming tax refund. I play usually between 3 PM - 1 AM Mountain Standard Time, USA, as I have a nightly paper delivery route for a job.

If still wanted, please contact me ingame via Imladris, as my 'gateway' toon, to chat with moi first, before an invite.

I'll be on later this evening after going to the movie 'Lincon', and am working the Commendation content currently.
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