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Haterade is opening recruitment for the new expansion. If you are interested in raiding in a progressive raid guild, this is the place. Leadership has lead successful guilds for 10 yrs.

We Currently have 2 Progression groups and a Alternate group raiding. Different Days and Times subject to change 2.0

Raiding Groups:
Core: Mon/Tues/Wed 8-11pst
Second Thur/Sat 8-11pst
Third Fri 6-?

*Disclaimer* This recruitment is not for current raiding tier, but 2.0. *Disclaimer*

Haterade expects this from our raiders:

Strong Awareness.
Able to React Quickly.
Able to Learn Quickly.
Able to Follow Direction.
Understand Raiding is a Community Effort not a Personal.
Able to Always Improve yourself. Strive to Perfect your role.
Bring a ZERO Drama Attitude to the Guild.

If you are interested, or want a fresh start, or think your better than one of our raiders, come try yourself in Makeb.

Apps can be located here:
~GM/RL of Haterade~
~ Mithris ~ Mithril ~ Mithari ~ Mitharis ~ Mithic ~ Mith ~ Mithira ~ Mithali ~