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From previous episodes it is quite clear to me that Offee cannot out duel ahsoka....
And yes, but thats different, It wasnt established in other Canon that ahsoka was a djem user, like it is that Offee is a Soresu user....
It doesnt matter in other canon can be established what ever. They can change it in this show, wich is even more canon then the other one.
From the other episodes though i dont recall Ashoka getting the uper hand in lightsaber dueling skills at least. However again it doesnt matter if Ashoka could out duel barris before. That was then this is now. That is the nature of star wars and of storytelling drama. Powers skills of a character are never set in stone it flows, it varies.

I could well be wrong, off course, but giving what we know so far from the show...
My bet would be barris. It got to be a jedi. That is my feeling on the matter.
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