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In the preview for the next episode it shows ashoka in a trial in front of all jedi, and then in front of Palpatine and the senate. Also it shows Anakin full on rage against ventress. I hope we dont see the last of her as i realy like ventress. BUt it could very well them wrapping up another character like they say they want to do and have been doing in the show.
Also its not unheard of Anaking comiting murder for revenge.

And the outfit looks suspiciously like Offee, but as a padawan, I doubt she can master many lightsaber styles (or two, as she must be using a different one to usual to dual wield, and I believe her main style was Soresu like Master Undulis... ) I think either they are trying to look like Ms Offee, or the developers are trying to make it look like Offee so when its not were totally "shocked"
That means very litle. all evidence sugests its barris Offee. Ashoka also a padawan, and in the begining she was using djem so like anakin, now she uses jar kai/ ataru?. Its not unseen for a padawan to learn other forms, specialy when they are padawans and they are learning them.
Also despite being padawans these are jedi with quite exprience on the battlefields. I wouldnt put pass Offee not by a second.

I could well be wrong and not be her, but i feel they intruducing a new character now out of the blue doesnt make much sense. And the fact is all evidence indicate its offee. From the last episode to this one i think its quite obvious. And what its interesting acording to canon she dies in the jedi purge isnt that right? If not retcon
It can mean she probably get away with this, wich could well mean that ashoka dont.
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