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Quote: Originally Posted by Selenial View Post
Im 97% sure she died 10 years prior to the finishing of the first batallions of clones,
Ie, she died 10 years before Episode Two,
Most likely 11+ years before these episodes....

Correct me if im wrong... Coulda sworn she was force choked by Dooku from Afar right before Dooku chose Fett, the bounty hunter who subdued her for the Cloning Process....
Yes that's true, but we saw Maul was cut in half and confirmed dead in various sources including the novel of EP III, and it's G canon, but well...

It would be very interesting if they bring Vosa back for this. Think about it, Dooku and Vosa, Anakin and Ahoska, the master followed the master's path, and the padwan could follow the padawan's. Vosa also hate Ventress for having her lightsaber and became Dooku's apprentice.