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No, it's called the stormtrooper effect. He had to miss Luke for the plot to continue. If you read any EU, he is the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. He wouldn't well be the best if he missed at 0.5 meters. He is probably one of the best, if not the best, bounty hunter in the galaxy. Any blind guy could get a cheap shot at a jetpack -- Fett just has bad situational awareness. Other than that, he's great.

So I will repeat, for the sake of this match, Fett shoots as well as any elite soldier. Also, the cloth he wears is lined with armorweave, so it would at least deflect the first few shots.
sigh... The Stormtrooper effect is something made up by fans but that is not how it actually is.

The way Star Wars canon works is that what happens in the movies is how it actually is. Even when not shooting at the heros the Stormtroopers are bad shots which BTW the offiical explinations is because the empire would buy cheap power crystals which made their weapons innacurate.