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am i ready to tank some hard mode FP's right now
Yes, you're ready to tank some hard modes. I wouldn't start working on HM LI until you get some better gear and/or learn the strats though: LI is very mechanically intensive and most people don't want to teach someone the instance through group finder.

is it imperitive i try to hit the 25/50/50 threshhold for stats to tank?
There isn't a magical 25/50/50 threshold for tanks. First off, the optimal distribution is different for all tanks, and, secondly, that "threshold" is painfully low in the first place.

Honestly, the optimal distribution doesn't matter until you actually get into top end gearing. Right now, just focus on getting *better* gear rather than trying to figure out how to best distribute your current gear. When you do finally get into full BH/Camp/DG/Hazmat gear, as a Shadow tank, you want to strive for 30/65/60 (with KW up). There is some variance in there depending on what relics you choose to use (heal proc relic, abs proc relic, PvP defense relic, defense use relic), but, for Shadows, 30/65/60 is the baseline for top end gearing.
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