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02.23.2013 , 12:19 PM | #45
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I am not sold on the 10$ expansion, in fact I think i may avoid buying it and just stick to the 35-54 bracket. My healer will be OP and I can avoid what will be the dead 55 matches. It will become a hardore only que with 30 min que times and premades only. Regardless I'll wait and see what the verdict is on 55 before I agree to pay the extortion money for the privelage of being stomped by fully geared 55's. It may be easier to just exit the game and come back here and there for some noobie pvp. I don't see this 55 thing doing well. The more they add the worse it gets. They should have rebalanced the classes and done matchmaking before raising the cap level.
Wow. You really told them....

Anyway...PvP happens at 55 the way it intended to be. Anything under that isn't meant to be balanced.
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