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According to what's been said, there's going to be faction specific stories (suggesting class stories) as well as planet stories and heroics for Makeb and the 5 new levels we'll be getting

As we saw with the convo's for HK-51 (and his unique reactions to each class and species - check 'em out on YouTube, really a blast. Over 16/17 minutes of convo for the Republic classes and 16/18 minutes of convo for the Imperials, depending) they still have the voice actors and the writing skill to do these kinds of missions. I think we'll be getting a full set of post-Illum class stories

Ater all... it IS called Chapter 4. And if the chapter is the same for every single class, then it isn't REALLY a new chapter - is it?
The HK-51 content was in beta, so I'm thinking there was nothing new there. Also, I don't think there will ever be class-story missions ever again because it would cost them too much money. Sadly, I believe that the class-specific storylines are over and done with.