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Bioware is going to put level 50's in their own bracket.
Good because I ran into my first GOOD 50 tonight. IE geared and good. He was capable of taking 3 players on his own easily simply because he was 3-4 shotting people and taking pitiful amounts of damage. To add insult to injury he was IA so the one time he did get in trouble he just popped vanish.

I've never had a problem feeling like I could at least take someone on and do something significant against them till this guy and his level 50 friends.

If 50's don't get their own bracket soon it will quite literally ruin SWTOR PVP in the warzones.

Quote: Originally Posted by Maxxacre View Post
It's just that if you look at these forums, about 1/3 of the posts in the PvP section are talking about how the bolster system doesn't work and PvP is unfair. I'm here to say it's not. Nothing more, nothing less. It's a player skill issue.
Bolster seems to work really well. I don't see any problems with that and it lets a level 10-11 significantly contribute to PVP.

They need to refine CC a bit, and certain classes that seem to be able to do everything PVP needs might need a PVP only look at, healing specs might need a slight loss of damage, but otherwise things ain't that bad.
I have faith in Bioware and Mythic to deliver a good game. I have more faith in myself to decide in an unbiased fashion whether or not it is good. Neither has any impact on the fact that I will kill you.