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Hey gang, let me see if I can bring some clarity to the situation. We do indeed have a new level of "Recruit" that we are bolstering towards, that is based on the new 55 gear. We believe that this bolster level will allow players to complete with any possible gear combination in the 30 - 54 bracket. Obviously we've had a few bumps in the road on PTS regarding current bolster, but we should be getting that fixed up soon (tm), and everyone can get back to the business of PvP.

Thanks for everyone's feedback, not just on this but on everything, it is really helping us make a better game.
Thanks for the reply. This new bolster system... It would be nice for us to know a few details about it, so if you or someone else in the know would clarify further on the following points, I would be much obliged.

1) Does the new bolster system take into account level disparity between character level and gear level

2) Does the new bolster system take into account the quality of the gear you wear (will purples be better than greens?)

I see no harm in revealing those things to us now instead of when 2.0 hits live.
Found your reply in another thread;
Quote: Originally Posted by RobHinkle View Post

The bigger change is in how we bolster and add stats to players to even out the playing field. Instead of focusing on player level, now the bolster system will take a look at each individual item on your character and use that as the baseline assumption of power for that item slot. We then bolster each slot up to what we feel is the "entry level" of PvP power, at which we think everyone can be happy playing without getting simply out geared to death. Effectively, we bolster players to something like what our recruit gear set tries to do now in 1.7, but with much better accuracy and effect. Additionally, the bolster system will now grant players expertise when it feels it is necessary, bringing our entry-level power gap even closer to the end-game PvP power.

Thanks for listening!
I'm afraid that your bolster system will fail at doing it's job due to the disparity presently seen in what people can wear in the 30-54 bracket.

pre- 50, people are limited to PvE gear that closely follows levels, but any and all people who presently sit at max level have a plethora of options...
1) People have present end-game PvE gear min-maxed (will the bolster system handle them by decreasing main stat and endurance and increase expertise?? What about armour ratings?)
2) Present end-game PvP gear, how will the bolster system work there? What about the min-maxed people who haven't bought the expansion?

I'm very confused as to why exactly you're doing a 30-54 bracket instead of keeping the old 10-49 one and create a 50-54 one and a 55 one. You see the need for 3 brackets, why make the balancing act so difficult for yourselves by doing the very arbitrary split of 10-29/30-54/55??
A main reason the current lowbie bracket works is the fact alot of the advanced classes have a VERY useful capstone ability (e.g. guardian leap/intercede) Putting level 30-49 people up against 50+ people is inherently flawed due to how useful a 50+ char is compared to a guy under level 50.
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