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02.23.2013 , 08:07 AM | #3
Not really a cheat, but i`d do it on live anyways. Everything you`ll do on pts will be gone. So leveling on live will give you legacy perks like the class buffs. Something you might want to have anyways, so you have to lvl alts on live.
Also, you might buy experience booster and unluck expereince boost in legacy, that way, you wont have to do much than your classtory, esprecially wenn rested.
Also while leveling, you can train crew skills, more alts with crew skills is allways good for you.
Further, you may look for intresting planet quest you havent seen before. My personal highlight is an areaquest on balmorra which includes a hard to solve puzzle, lots of fun. Didnt discover it until my third alt. Im really not a story guy, mainly ill do pvp, but anyway id say its worth to level traditionally and give every quest a look, there are some beautys